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December 2018

In marketing there are also ladybugs. Come discover them!

Ladybugs exist in many companies and in many offices that deal with data… and especially marketing data. Only sometimes they don't see each other… or on the other, do not show themselves! Discreet and preoccupied with each company's marketing ecosystem, they do their work in the shade, laboriously and preserving whatever may need to be consumed later. By identifying what does not add value or even pollute, they have separated good data from bad data, destroying it and thus protecting the marketing environment.
Omnichannel: In marketing there are also ladybugs

Ladybugs are really a huge source of happiness, serenity and luck.
And we here at One to One have decided to give our ladybugs even more life by materializing them and giving them a voice. Or rather, we have given them a prominent place in our day to day and in our communication.
And why did we make this decision?
- Because we have to preserve the ladybugs that are scattered around.
But are marketing ladybugs in danger of extinction?
- They are!
How so?
- Ladybugs are small data oxygen; and in the age of big data they are in real danger of being disposable.

So if we deal with so much data, with mega-neural network banks to support the development of powerful augmented reality or virtual AI predictive models, and magnificent voice recognition solutions and super-gifted robots, what do we need? Ladybugs?
- Well, this is where the point hits. We need it to because all these solutions will be spectacular to diminish or even extinguish human error, but they will never replace the creative ability of our customers and consumers! That's why we can't deliver to machines the fringe of data that comes out of stereotypes and could be the source of inspiration for new and better products and services.
Anyone who doesn't look at your small data will be held hostage by stereotypical consumers, with no emotions or initiative of their own, to genuinely interact with their brands; consumers driven by offers determined by Artificial Intelligence but not really tailored to their life journey.
Knowing how to balance Big and Small data is a challenge today.

Those who do not preserve their ladybugs will not be distinguished from the competition. And space for everyone, there is not!

That's why we love our ladybugs and the great work they do at GETbizz!
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ABC 1to1 Definition

It is a concept used in business technologies that emerged in 2015 in the digital age and is a step ahead of the term multichannel. We can even say that it refines the concept of multichannel, evolving from one view by channel (often the channel-organized companies ultimately failed to approach the customer when switching channels) to a unified and consistent experience. Used in different areas of the company and operations, omnichannel in marketing enables it to meet the increasing consumer expectations, for personalizing communication and offering personalized products and services.

Omnichannel; GETbizz; CRM; One-to-one marketing; Regulator of the marketing ecosystem.
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