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November 2018

What are the 3 magic letters of marketing?

They do magic but are not magicians.
They think they are secret formulas;
They bewitch with its obscure calculation;
With or without tricks, everyone follows its alerts!
Automatic and real time Return On Investment (ROI)


In fact, these 3 letters have such a power that they produce truly special effects on companies! From euphoria to discouragement, the adrenaline rush of €€€ is pushed to the limit (upper or lower…) and many moods are generated by measuring ROI. Without him there was no communication! The time to put the finger in the air and wait to see where the wind blows has long gone.
So why is ROI still so magical? Because the calculation involves such complexity that it feels like magic every time we do it. And its vital importance in marketing here follows.
And why? Because the ROI is the lighthouse, the barometer and the probe of the campaigns. Want to know how?

1st |  The lighthouse campaigns 
By measuring sales results, you are opening (or closing) paths for upcoming campaigns.

2nd | The Campaign Barometer
When calculated throughout the campaign, it allows you to act immediately without prolonging pain or agony.

3rd | The Campaign Probe
By making its calculation rigorously and with a minimum margin of error allows to deepen and investigate the adherents and non-adherents to the campaign.

These were the arguments that motivated us to create a ROI measurement system that is of real importance and relevance to marketing. We hide all the complexity and bring the user only the easiness.


The GETbizz platform calculates ROI simply, automatically and immediately.

Calculating the ROI of your campaigns and realizing your direct contribution to the bottom line is an indispensable metric in any business! Find out how here. 

1to1 ABC Definition

ROI | Return on Investment 
The term that describes the calculation of financial return on a project or business initiative that involves costs. ROI can be measured in terms of payback, as a percentage of return on an expenditure or as the discounted net present value of an investment's flows. In marketing, it is associated with different impact indicators such as simple or incremental return rates, incremental average receipt, number of additional customers... ROI's basic formula is the difference between the margin sales and campaign costs.

ROI; Return on Investment; Marketing; Metrics; Measurement; Performance; Impact of Campaigns.
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