How about ensuring an omnichannel experience for your customers? Think GETbizz!

Thinking GETbizz is:

Have the diverse customer data sources all integrated
Have the marketing database always operational
Set up and launch campaigns in minutes
Email, SMS, Push and Direct Mail channels always available
Intelligent use of communication channels (priorities between them)
Have blast (manual) and lifecycle (automation) campaigns
Get one-on-one messaging with 1by1 campaigns
Being able to measure ROI (based on sales) in real time
And yet have dashboardsreports and many other advantages!

With GETbizz your company will be more Customer Centric and will be able to better follow the life of its customers. Why continue to waste your resources with traditional and ineffective tools? Innovate with GETbizz!

Why GETbizz?

CRM Omnicanal - Email, SMS, Push e Correio
GETbizz integrates CRM processes with communication channels. Goal: a 360-degree view of the business to effectively track your customers' life journey.
GETbizz cumpre o RGPD
GETbizz complies with GDPR: in information handling, in hosting and security processes, and in communications and customer interactions.
Data cleaning da base de dados de marketing
Data Cleaning
GETbizz applies data cleaning processes to your database: hygienizes, normalizes and deduplicates, so you can personalize your communication with complete confidence.
GETbizz calcula o ROI, de forma automática e em tempo real.
GETbizz gives you real-time and automatically ROI for your campaigns. ROI is calculated based on conversions (effective sales), not just openings!
Target: Segmentação de Clientes integrada
GETbizz loves little groups! Targeting has never been so easier: just set the criteria, and filters will be done to your marketing database. No lists required!
GETbizz: plataforma SaaS
GETbizz is available 24/7 on SaaS basis. You pay for what you use and you can have your personal data stored on your side (instead of being with One to One).

GETbizz Solutions

Dados pessoais no turismo
Managing personal data of national and international clients is a daily challenge. Our marketing database treatment is prepared to correct errors and assign the languages you want to communicate with. Learn more.
Desduplicação no retalho e consumo
Repeated purchases generate many duplicates in your database. Minimizing the risk of sending more than one communication to the same customer is to ensure greater return on your communicationLearn more.
Fiabilidade dos dados na saúde
There is no margin of error in this activity for the reliability of marketing data. Clearing and leaving only the essential, well deduplicated, to be able to evolve in the relationship may be the best strategy. Learn more.
Retenção e conquista de clientes automóvel
Knowing your customers and tracking new leads is to be able to predict results. In an industry in such a rapidly changing, customer knowledge is the key to customer retention and acquisitionLearn more.
Data from B2B organizations, on average, doubles every 12-18 months. Therefore keeping your database clean and free of inconsistencies should be a priority. Only then can you have quality leadsLearn more.

The GETbizz was created to retain and engage its audiences and communities.
But with GETbizz addons you can go even further in the customer relationship!

GETbizz Addons

GETgarden Clusters (RFM Analysis)

We put aside outdated and reducing concept clusters (VIPs, Star, Gold ...), and developed a more cross-sectional model that fits your business as well: we created the GETgarden concept and named the different RFM clusters as active agents in a garden, where each element of this garden (trees, shrubs, flowers...) represents a specific group of your customers. These clusters will enable smarter data management, enhancing the experience of each of your customers through a more targeted and effective communicationFind out all about the GETgarden Clusters here.

GETbizz has unique engagement solutions.
Visit the GETbizz website and see what this platform can do for your business!

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