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One-to-one marketing 
January 2018

Similar, clones or double vision?

One-to-one marketing: Similar, clones or double vision?

Make no mistake… Each customer is only one and unique for a brand! His experience, his relationship history and his affinity with the brand will contribute to the continuity of the relationship or its break forever. For over 20 years we have grown our knowledge and experience in one-to-one marketing. More than living in a biased digital age, we live in an age where people count; and a lot! And marketing is central to the lives of consumers around the world.

It is therefore by joining new technologies with past experience that we have reshaped our offer and transformed our business model. Today we are able to connect technologically distant and seemingly incompatible worlds by making useful Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Big Data, or Business Intelligence information that will underpin new ways of personalization and customization for more consistent and continuous sales. And these paths begin in a completely integrated and dematerialized communication in the process of its construction and assembly.

What is one-to-one marketing?

Consumers are different in two ways:
 - on the one hand, each has different values for the brand;
 - on the other, each one needs different things from that brand;
But by treating all customers equally, all these differences are lost.

As opposed to mass marketing and old-fashioned direct marketing, where one tends to look for the right customers for a given product, communicating equally to everyone, one-to-one marketing does the opposite: tries to match the offer to each customer's profile. More humanization for greater return.

The big drivers of one-to-one marketing were Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, in the late 1990s. On the threshold of digitization of the economy they had the clairvoyance to perceive the signs of change and created the Model of the 4 IDIC categories:

 1st:  Identify your customers;
 2nd: Differentiate them from each other;
 3rd:  Interact with customers;
 4th:  Customize, some aspects of your Products / Services.

A source for truly effective loyalty strategies, one-to-one marketing enables you to segment your customer base and drive communication based on your knowledge and profile, while avoiding equal communications with different audiences. Interacting to increase customer value is one of the great goals of one-to-one marketing.

Key advantages of one-to-one marketing:
 - effective customer retention;
 - successful cross-selling and up-selling;
 - ability to anticipate needs;
 - effective planning and targeted campaigns;
 - effectiveness in combating fraud;
 - creates favorable conditions for selling and winning new customers by looking for identical profiles.

Our one-to-one marketing is complete because it works on our GETbizz platform.
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1to1 ABC Definition

One to one marketing 
Marketing model whose strategy is based on knowledge and relationship between the company and its customers, in order to build long-term relationships to increase customer loyalty. Its main drivers were Don Peppers and Martha Rogers.

One-to-one marketing; Customer loyalty; Customer retention; Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 
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