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June 2019

The first innovations of GETbizz!

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Innovations: The first innovations of GETbizz!
Talk about GETbizz is to talk about simplification of marketing processes. And to simplify the lives of those who work in marketing, we have to innovate! Each innovation is another step towards the reliability and consistency of the information: another little sparkle in the eyes for those who need speed and security in decision making that involves engagement with customers. Small steps contributing to a joined value chain, commonly referred to as CRM, with channel-driven campaigns to produce the best results at the shortest time.


And the first innovation is exactly this: the fusion of data with communication channels to streamline the customer relationship through the construction, sending and measurement of campaigns.
GETbizz Innovation: data and communications channel fusion
Have you ever imagined a technology solution that encompasses your customers' personal and sales data with marketing communication? With GETbizz this is the reality and the applications are endless! Forget the obstacles you face today with incomplete and disintegrated solutions.
GETbizz has its genesis in merging two traditionally core areas of One to One: marketing databases and campaigns. Our vast experience in this area has allowed us to break down and break down barriers. More than integrating, we can merge into a single platform and in the same working environment these two very different worlds! That's why we have the ability to add so much value to brands that use GETbizz to support their customer centric strategy.

GETbizz exists to make life easier for its users, and as such, from data being generated at the point of sale to being used for communication, nothing and no process has human intervention. GETbizz dismisses engineers and IT technicians in marketing teams. Everyday marketing is autonomous to generate and measure your campaigns. With full confidence in the data!
Check out the GETbizz website for a more in-depth view of this solution.


If there is certainty in the marketing world, one unquestionable is that you cannot improve what cannot be measured. Hence the importance of calculating return on investment (ROI) in marketing campaigns.

When referring to digital platforms, ROI is usually calculated based on Open Rates for email campaigns. However, this metric is unable to measure an effective ROI, in its broadest sense - the economic return on investment measured by the impact of the campaign on sales. A conversion that generates a transaction.

Commonly the most used tools in sending campaigns are broken down from the marketing database, therefore they can only calculate the partial campaign ROI - open rates, clicks... Determining the return on investment for a sales-based marketing campaign is quite complex. if there is no tool prepared to provide it. 
GETbizz Innovation: Sales-based ROI
Calculating your campaign return should be effective and not a mere approximation to the reality (e.g. calculation based on email open rates), so it should be based on the conversions, on the sales generated by your campaign audience. And with GETbizz, you get this and more...
With GETbizz, ROI calculation is not only based on a campaign's audience-generated sales, but it's also calculated automatically and in real time!

We explain: once the duration of the campaign has been set and sent, GETbizz begins to track sales made by the target audience of your campaign, and you will be able to instantly monitor the performance of the current campaign. So you will be able to follow its evolution and, if necessary, intervene at the right time: redefining mechanics, content or even processes. 
See also why ROI continues to be so magic with the article: What are the 3 magic letters of marketing?


Stop thinking about channel campaigns and come to see the campaigns as a harmonious set of channels is not easy. Channel campaigns are so ingrained in everyday work processes and in our mind that without experimenting it is difficult to fully grasp this new concept. But innovation is just that: first it can be weird, but then… you don't want anything else!
GETbizz Innovation: Omnichannel Campaigns
Multiple communication channels enable omnichannel campaigns and contribute to a fluid and consistent experience. Bring omnichannel to your campaigns! Because with 4 available channels for simultaneous use, a campaign is much more than 1 communication channel!
With GETbizz, you can communicate with your customers through up to 4 communication channels simultaneously: EmailSMSPush Notifications, and Direct Mail. And to make your communication even more effective, we have created the concept of cross-channel prioritization by ensuring that in omnichannel campaigns the recipient does not receive communication more than once, across separate channels.

Example: Imagine that you want to send a campaign using the channels: SMS and Email. In this case, you can set Email as your first priority (as it is cheaper than SMS). What actually happens when this priority exists is that part of the target of this campaign will have invalid or non-existent email, however it may have a valid mobile phone (2nd priority); and in this case, the campaign will go to these customers via SMS, not Email.

In other words, if your recipients have the valid contact for the channel with the first priority, the campaign goes through that channel; otherwise, the campaign will go through the channel set as 2nd priority, and so on. In practice, the user decides, per campaign, how many communication channels he wants to use and what priorities between them he wants to set.
Setting cross-channel priorities with GETbizz's omnichannel campaigns translates into 3 major advantages:
No customer is left without communication, since there are several opportunities for the campaign to be sent (number of priorities set) to the customer, if not for the channel set as 1st priority, it may be for the channel set as 2nd, 3rd, or 4th priority.
There is no waste of resources because, as a GETbizz base principle, communications are not sent to contacts that are not valid or contacts that do not repeatedly open your messages;
It does not compromise your reputation. This is because, unless the GETbizz user places the channels in competition (campaign without priorities: recipients will receive the campaign across all channels), we guarantee that the recipient will only receive the communication once (versus, receive the campaign by all your channels).

With GETbizz you can still join other channels! Like a contact center or social network connection, for example. We all do it for a true omnichannel experience!
Do you already know how the GETbizz platform integrates Omnichannel Campaigns? Find out everything here.
And learn more by reading our article dedicated exclusively to the topic here!


The dynamism of a marketing database is not compatible with mailing list feeds. Real-world sales dynamics - every day there are movements - forces maintaining mailing lists. And updating these lists has become a real challenge, and the arrival of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has not made this task any easier. Human failure proliferates within this list logic and few systems are prepared to fully comply with the GDPR.

Over the years, digital email or SMS sending platforms have innovated at various levels by introducing new features. But putting an end to the “n” lists that so harass their users is one issue none of them dared to explore. It would be entering much more complex fields for which they have neither know-how nor any expertise.

And this is where our innovation comes in. We have the know-how and expertise to bring the entire customer relationship world into technology. To end lists is to be able to select the target audience directly from the database; easily and instantly. 
GETbizz Innovation: No mailing lists to do campaign targets!
Mailing lists for what, when can you select your target audience for campaigns through direct filters to your database?! Complicate and detail the selection criteria, but uncomplicate the process! Easy and fast is what you want!

Through the simple application of search filters. You just need to define the characteristics of the audience you want to reach with the campaign and let GETbizz find them in your database. This is because information is fully integrated. So whether it's dates, sales, customer cluster, Life Journey stage, or any other information available in your database, the process is always the same: creating your campaign target is done through filters!

And as for the GDPR, you don't have to worry, we hide all the complexity and bring the user just the ease as this whole process is fully GDPR compliant. And we still give you the ability to set up a control group to better measure your campaign performance. This saves you hours of data work and brings more security and confidence! 
Explore this issue by reading here our article exclusively dedicated to Lists. And to start using this and other innovative features, schedule a GETbizz demo


One of GETbizz's main purposes is to contribute to a better and more positive communication experience between brands and their customers. And for this, personalization has a huge role to play. No one dares to go a step in customizing dynamic fields when they don't trust their data. And this is where GETbizz comes in.

Data is the heart of GETbizz and nothing happens without it being properly prepared so that it can be reliably and safely used in targeted campaigns. 
GETbizz Innovation: Data Cleaning
An always clean database! Who wouldn't want that? With GETbizz this is possible: a variety of normalizarion and deduplication processes take place overnight to handle your data, in order to be safely used on the personalization of the campaigns and reporting.
GETbizz has unique and automatic data cleaning processes that have been developed over the years with the primary goal of making data suitable for communication. And when there are doubts, they are not used. This minimizes the risk of poorly personalized communications and maximizes the opportunity to customize communication on all valid and handled records.

Upon receiving the data, GETbizz normalizes the data and performs a series of validations of the main communication fields. In the end, it deduplicates the repeated records, always maintaining their integrity. Treating customers by name and applying gender matching is the least you can do with GETbizz. Add to this all other socio-demographic, sales or budget data and you will be able to have unique and truly exclusive communications. Your customer will remember your brand more and your sales will further reflect this giant step in your customer relationship.

And each time you send a campaign, GETbizz will treat new valuable information depending on the route taken (or not) by the consumer. Ensuring the best read or view rates at all times is one of GETbizz data cleaning's tasks
Not only is Data Cleaning one of GETbizz's innovations, it is at the heart of all its innovation! Learn more about this GETbizz innovation here!  

Concepts | 1to1 ABC
ROI | Return on Investment
The term that describes the calculation of financial return on a project or business initiative that involves costs. ROI can be measured in terms of payback, as a percentage of return on an expenditure or as the discounted net present value of an investment's flows. In marketing, it is associated with different impact indicators such as simple or incremental return rates, incremental average receipt, number of additional customers... ROI's basic formula is the difference between the margin sales and campaign costs.
It is a concept used in business technologies that emerged in 2015 in the digital age and is a step ahead of the term multichannel. We can even say that it refines the concept of multichannel, evolving from one view by channel (often the channel-organized companies ultimately failed to approach the customer when switching channels) to a unified and consistent experience. Used in different areas of the company and operations, omnichannel in marketing enables it to meet the increasing consumer expectations, for personalizing communication and offering personalized products and services.
Mailing List
Contact list used by the company when it intends to send a targeted communication (by email, SMS, push notification, etc.) to a wide range of people who have given their consent. Given business dynamics and the need for companies to communicate regularly with their audiences, mailing lists become very difficult and expensive to manage, as they often lose their current status, requiring multiple data crossovers to avoid losing their reliability and consistency. GETbizz no longer uses mailing lists to send campaigns.
Data Cleaning
It is the set of processes that consists in normalization, correction, deduplication and/or elimination of damaged, invalid or incomplete values from a set of registry entries in a database, in order to guarantee its reliability, timeliness and accuracy. Examples of these GETbizz marketing processes are: standardization of names, gender assignment/correction, handling of mobile phones or email, deduplication of records...
A regularly cleaned database gives greater consistency to data for greater personalized communication security.

GETbizz; Personalization; GETbizz innovations; Fusion; ROI; Integrated platform; Integrated communication; Campaign automation; Marketing database.
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