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fevereiro de 2018

Customer Segmentation. What is the secret?

One-to-one marketing: Customer Segmentation. What is the secret?

We enter a city market and quickly immerse ourselves in a mix of cross-sensations between the fresh aromas of vegetables and their multiple colors and the voices of sellers and buyers mingling in space and creating a healthy, genuine buzz. It would be unthinkable to come to a stall and have vegetables and fruits not properly organized into categories and products, but all mixed together. What a terrible service this would be? For centuries any salesman has known that he has to organize his offerAnd the better you do it, the more customers you'll have and the more loyal you'll be.

Yeah. We have reached the 21st century with immense sophistication of sales-side segmentation of products and services and the technologies that support these sales. But to what extent has this movement been accompanied by an evolution from the treatment of customer information to customer segmentation? And when it was, how does marketing access these tools intuitively and without much learning effort?

Many companies have implemented complex systems, designed and developed by non-marketers, with such sophisticated segmentations that, in practice, eventually become little or no use; neither in communication nor in other aspects of the client relationship. This is because, on the one hand, they are difficult tools to use and on the other, because there are few people to study these micro groups and generate content for them.

For us, segmentation has no secrets: case by case; company by company; strategy by strategy, is planned and implemented so that you can use it later easily and whenever you want. Whether in B2C or B2B activities; by products segmentation; by states of communication interactivity; by socio-demographics data; by interests; or whatever your imagination dictates; as long as the information is gathered, it is available to segment. And in a 360-degree customer view logic we can cross multiple variables without nothing ever getting lost.

Our segmentation is all this because it is worked on our GETbizz platform.
Learn more here.

1to1 ABC Definition

Grouping of customers, parcels, segments, or sublists with similar characteristics and attributes.

One-to-one marketing; Segmentation; Clusters; Customers; Business-to-Business; B2B; Business-to-Consumer; B2C.
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