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April 2019

We are 21 already!

About us: We are 21 already!
We have had this ritual for 21 years: on One to One's birthday we don't work! We had to start our business someday and chose this one: we gave May 1st one more good reason to celebrate 😊

Never has the world changed so much as in the last 21 years! And we were no exception. We started agency, with the traditional service tailored to each project and each organization. But the digitization of the economy has forced us to change. We have learned about innovation and changed the way we deliver the service – today it is our customer who does directly on GETbizz what we have done for him for years. We gave you an ease-of-use tool and you (when, how and where you want) can analyze, configure and send campaigns; measure real-time ROI, automatic calculated and based on effective conversions (sales); and do a whole host of data analytics in an environment where UX and UI have been studied to the smallest detail. Control is in your hands. This is what we demand as consumers and this is what we have been able to put into our omnichannel platform, GETbizz.
After years of working with a first version of GETbizz, we launched this year - as if to celebrate our adulthood - GETbizz 2.0. Discover it at

A lot happens in 21 years and the dynamics of a company's life demands constant adaptation to the market. To all who are here and to all who have been here we will always be grateful. Your input is part of us and what we are.
To all, THANK YOU!

One to one; Birthday; GETbizz; Customer loyalty; Customer retention; Omnicanal platform.
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