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November 2018

Lists, lists and more lists ... So many drawers for what?

To get full advantage of our marketing database for communication, we often get firewood to burn ourselves: segmenting, segmenting,… and creating lists. And either: we created a few lists so we could manage data updates, or, enthusiastic about the results of our targeting, created countless lists. And this is where we can no longer manage and update customer data.
Lists, lists and more lists... so resources expensive
marketing database is dynamic because every day there are movements (sales, exchanges, updates, etc.). And these moves have to be reflected in the mailing lists.

When data is scattered across different lists and even worse for different channels, control quickly goes out of control. And we burn ourselves; or we don't even risk it... and that's the big picture we live in. We haven't shopped in a given store for years, but we continue to receive SMS or emails as if we had gone there yesterday. Sending communication requires a great effort to permanently update the lists with the campaign's target audience.
And if we want to customize communication, we can't permanently update the dynamic field data we want to use in communications. As if that were not enough, this complexity multiplies when we are working with more than one channel: email, SMS and now also the push notifications. And for better campaign results, we’re creating sublists for certain segments in order to be more effective on the one hand and less intrusive on the other. That's why many brands choose to communicate only through one channel: either email or sms, or push.

Consents, requests for membership or forgetfulness or simply requests for non-communication for just a few purposes or channels are small actions for the consumer but huge challenges for companies. Keeping these lists always up-to-date requires resources, know-how and systems prepared to maintain them. More importantly, integration of sales communication with data, for a 360-degree view of the customer.

"56.6% of companies say the biggest obstacle is maintaining an active and engaged mailing list"
- Email Marketing Trends

Yes it is. With so many lists, the focus is on the problem and not the solution to what matters most: delighting customers with unique and exclusive messages through the most convenient and effective channel!
But now, with GETbizz, this nightmare is over!

With automations (lifecycle campaigns), blast (manual campaigns), or specific 1by1 messaging, lists are gone because GETbizz integrates everything and has the information you need to be able to segment at your leisure and manage channels as you see fit. Find out all here.

1to1 ABC Definition
GETbizz is a smart Omnichannel CRM platform. On the one hand, it is an innovative database marketing tool and on the other, integrates communication channels. This platform is designed to give marketers flexibility and autonomy for campaign management and marketing analysis of their clients or consumers, both B2C and B2B. Allows 1by1 (in-store) messaging, campaign automation, and real-time ROI measurement.

GETbizz; Personalization; ROI; Integrated platform; Integrated communication; Campaign automation; Marketing database.
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